a very human hero, part 3

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*Doug McClure, Jeanette Nolan, James Drury, Sara Lane, John McIntire
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Mrs. McLain:   "I think we'd best get to town and find a hotel room.  That is, if I can find John."

Clay Grainger: "Now, he's probably out with Trampas settling the problems of the world."

Mrs. McLain: "The problems of horse breaking, you mean."

(BITTER AUTUMN, teleplay by David & Andy Lewis, story by Ken Finley, 6.08 [157] / Directed by Don McDougall)




*John Anderson, Doug McClure, and Brendon Boone
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Trampas:   "Chico, that I had to do--for me.  For Bill?  I tried.  I tried to stir things up, get people mad.  But I didn't accomplish a thing.  Now I'm at the end of my rope.  There just isn't anything else I can do.  I'm sorry."


(AN ECHO OF THUNDER, by Don Ingalls, 5.04 [124] / Directed by Abner Biberman)




*James Drury and Doug McClure
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Trampas:  "I was just thinking about those Indians. I don't think much of stealing their land to fix up this town."

Denny:  "You just watch it, Trampas, with all that 'poor, needy Indian' talk."


(THE POWER SEEKERS, by Robert van Scoyk, 8.04 [205] / Directed by Seymour Robbie)




*Doug McClure with Yvonne DeCarlo and Tom Bosley
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Trampas:   "Oh, Ohhh.  Well, looks like the party's over.  And you did a pretty good job of keeping me here while your sister and her boyfriend pulled off another robbery."

Geraldine:  "Where are you going?"

Trampas: "To complain about the champagne. It was flat."

(CRIME WAVE IN BUFFALO SPRINGS by Robert Van Scoyk, 7.17 [192] / Directed by Charles S. Dubin)




*Robert Lansing, Sharon Farrell, and Doug McClure
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Lee Knight: "Come on Trampas.  I remember a time when you would have done something, law or no law."

Trampas: "That day is long gone, Lee.  Ten years gone."

Lee Knight:  "You sure there's nothing else long gone--like maybe your stomach, is that gone?  What happened to you, Trampas?"

Trampas:  "I got smart."

(EXECUTION AT TRISTE, by John Dunkel and David Levinson, 6.13 [162] / Directed by Robert L. Friend)





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[Trampas witnessed Doctor Baldwin driving off in his buggy at the time a hated man was killed, and Doc's wife does not want him to testify.  Trampas, however, resists her pleas:]

Mrs. Baldwin:   "Why won't he help me?"

Clay Grainger:   "It's not a matter of help, Harriet.  He has to do what he thinks is right, what he thinks is honest.  We've learned that much about him since we've been here."


(TO BEAR WITNESS, by Sy Salkowitz, 6.11 [160] / Directed by Abner Biberman)





*Doug McClure and Shaggy
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Trampas:   "Look, Mr. Keller, I'd like to help you but--"

Joe Keller:  "You've got to find her, Son. . . A fella's gotta have some kin to say good bye to. . . You can do it, Son, smart fella like you, I know you can.   Anyways, you'll try, won't you?  Please tell me you'll try."

Trampas:  "All right, Joe, I'll try."

(WITH HELP FROM ULYSSES, by True Boardman, 6.18 [167] / Directed by Don McDougall)




*Doug McClure, Patricia Crowley, Ford Rainey, Sara Lane, and Don Quine
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Hobie Simpson:   ". . . All the while I thought I wasn't good enough for you.  I must admit, this one is younger and better looking, but I thought you liked older men. . . "

Angela Van Owen: "I don't know what all this is supposed to mean, but I suggest you change your tone."

Hobie Simpson:   "Oh, you do.  Well, I don't think it's going to work out that way."

Trampas: "You're talking to a lady, Mr. Simpson." (Trampas, upon first seeing "Angela" at the cabin, had been angry with her for formerly cheating him at gambling.    But now he is assured that she has changed her ways.)

(THE HELL WIND, by Barbara Merlin and Leonard Praskins, 6.21 [170] / Directed by Don McDougall)




*Doug McClure, James Drury, Charles Aidman, and Patricia Hyland
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John Wood:   "And then they'll hang me."

Trampas:  "Not if you didn't kill Cochran they won't."

John Wood:  "This is his gun."

Trampas: "Was he coming at you?  Can you swear it was self defense?"

Kgoy-Ma:  "I can swear it.  I saw it happen."

Trampas:  "You see.  You've got an eye witness.  Now they're not going to hang you."

John Wood:  "Who would believe an Indian woman in a place like this?"

Trampas:  "Well, we'll make 'em listen."

(NO WAR FOR THE WARRIOR, teleplay by Alvin Sapinsley and Robert Earll, story by Robert Earll, 8.20 [221] / Directed by Don McDougall)




*Doug McClure and Scott Brady
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Jason Crowder: "Great jumping jack rabbits, may I be shriveled on the spot!  If we don't have here big as life and twice as crusty,  my childhood partner in perfidy T-R-ampas!"

(THE STORM GATE, teleplay by Jerry McNeely and Alvin Sapinsley, story by Jerry McNeely, 7.09 [184] / Directed by Richard A. Colla)




*Doug McClure's legs framing Susan Oliver and Burr DeBenning
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Trampas:  "I guess you said it yourself.  I'm just a dumb cowboy.  Well, maybe I'm dumb enough to believe that people should be honest and dumb enough to try to stop them when they're not."

Jason Crowder:   "Dumb!  That doesn't say it!  You - are - nothing."

Trampas:  "You've been my friend, Jason, but you're a thief.  And I'm not gonna ride out of here and turn my back on your stealing.  I can't."


(THE STORM GATE, teleplay by Jerry McNeely & Alvin Sapinsley, story by Jerry McNeely, 7.09 [184] / Directed by Richard A. Colla)




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Jason Crowder: "He's got unfinished business in this town, and he's too much a man of honor to let it remain unfinished."

(THE STORM GATE, teleplay by Jerry McNeely & Alvin Sapinsley, story by Jerry McNeely, 7.09 [184] / Directed by Richard A. Colla)




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Virginian:   "And Trampas, this IS a BUSINESS trip."

(BIG TINY, teleplay by Joy Dexter and Norman Katkov, story by Joy Dexter, 7.13 [188] / Directed by James Sheldon)


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