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*Beverly Owen, Doug McClure, and Gary Clarke
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Margaret Tyrone:   "No, Trampas."

Trampas:  "I'm sorry.  Guess this is my day to make mistakes."

Margaret Tyrone:   "I like you, Trampas, it's just that--. . . I do like you, and I know you're not trying to take advantage of the fact that we're out here together alone.  I just don't like you in that way."

Trampas:  "I see."

Margaret Tyrone: . . . "Please don't be angry.  I need a friend.  I may need one very much."


(THE INVADERS, by Donn Mullally, 2.15 [045] / Directed by Bernard McEveety)




Gary Clarke, James Drury, and Doug McClure
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Steve Hill:  "You know, I don't like to say it, but I was sure surprised the way Trampas acted.  I never thought he'd be the kind to go sneaking off in the middle of the night like that.  I'd have bet even money he'd be man enough to stand right up to Tyrone--you know, if he was that serious about Margaret."

Virginian:  "Guess you never know what a man will do till the time comes."


(THE INVADERS, by Donn Mullally, 2.15 [045] / Directed by Bernard McEveety)



*Jean Hale and Doug McClure
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Pat Wade: "What are you following me for?"

Trampas:  "To keep you from killing Gaynor. . . It all adds up, Pat--the cracks you made about me and Janet getting back together, you leaving Shiloh without even drawing out your pay. . ."

Pat Wade:  "He stole your girl, didn't he?  You don't want her back?"

Trampas:  "He didn't steal her, she chose him. . . I don't want to argue about it, Pat, but you're not going to kill him."


(A MATTER OF DESTINY, by Al C. Ward, 2.21 [051] / Directed by Maury Geraghty)





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Betsy Garth: "You didn't know she was crippled, how could you. . . You can't go around feeling like a criminal just because you asked a girl to dance.  Well, alright, maybe you were a little fresh in the way you did it, but you didn't intend to hurt anyone."

Trampas:  "It doesn't matter what I intended, it's what I did."

Betsy: ". . . Honestly, you make me so mad.  You think you know everything about women, and you don't even know that much . . . I've been thinking how I'd feel if I were in that girl's place . . .  I wouldn't hold an honest mistake against anyone if I was sure that was what it was.   Trampas, go talk to her.  You'll feel better and so will she."

Trampas: "I don't think that father of hers would let me near the place."

Betsy:  "Well, of course, if you're afraid -"

DARK CHALLENGE, teleplay by True Boardman and Joseph Hoffman, story by Joseph Hoffman, 3.02 [062] / Directed by Don McDougall)




Doug McClure, James Drury, Randy Boone, Clu Gulager, Lee J. Cobb, and Roberta Shore
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Trampas:  "Well, I've been wanting to talk to you.  There's some things about you that I--I don't know, maybe I'm the only one that sees them.  But I think you're out to damage some people I like."

Templeton:   "Who?"

Trampas:  "Betsy, for one."

Templeton:  "Well, Why don't you warn her about me."

Trampas:  "I tried, it didn't work."

Templeton:  "Well, then just relax, friend."

Trampas:  "I'll tell you one thing, 'friend,' If you DO hurt Betsy--or anyone else at Shiloh--I'll pound you right in the ground."

(THE HERO, by Clair Huffaker, 3.04 [064] / Directed by Richard L. Bare)





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[Trampas encourages a town of religious, peaceable farmers to fight to keep their land -]

Eric Larsen: . . . "The Colonel is trying to dispossess us . . .  We have a lawyer in Washington.   Now we are just waiting for the Supreme Court."

Trampas: "By the time you hear, you're liable to be thrown out of here."

Eric Larsen:   "What can we do?"

Trampas: "I told you what to do.  Fight."

Gina Larsen:  "My father has his own beliefs, his own principles."

Trampas:  "You can't let people walk all over you.  Only fools do that."

Eric Larsen:   "Young man, your heart's in the right place, but you still have a lot to learn."


(MEN WITH GUNS, by Halstead Welles, 4.17 [107] / Directed by Leon Benson)




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[Out of infatuation, Trampas had given a young woman a gun to protect herself and her peace-loving father.   She was shot and killed when she tried to use the gun for that protection.  To her father at the funeral - ]

Trampas:   "I -- gave her the gun."

Eric Larsen:  "You did what you felt you had to do.  Gina did what, what she had to do.  So did I.   Now they know what they must do.  If there's trouble again, they won't listen to me.  They're men with guns now.  They'll fight." 

Trampas: "You think I'm wrong, don't you.  You think we're all wrong."

Eric Larsen:   "Perhaps I do.  I only live in hopes that some day it will all end--the killing."

Trampas:  "So do I, Sir.  So do I."

(MEN WITH GUNS, by Halstead Welles, 4.17 [107] / Directed by Leon Benson)




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[Trampas had been deputized to help protect a prisoner that was going out on the street with his family.  But he put down his badge and refused because he felt the prisoner was a "polecat" and he would have no part in protecting him.  Yet when hecklers harassed the prisoner and his wife and son, Trampas went to help Ryker in the fight.  Jennifer had befriended the son and was also in the group that was being harassed - ]

Jennifer Sommers:   "Thank you, Trampas."

Ryker:  "You'll find, Mr. Trampas, that life is really quite complex."

(NOBODY SAID HELLO, by Herb Meadow, 4.16 [106] / Directed by Alf Kjellin)





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Luke Milford:  "Tramp?. . What got in to you?. . . "

Trampas: "I don't know, I just felt sorry for him."

Luke Milford:  "Boy, I caught you just in time.   You've got SOFT TOUCH written all over you."

THE CLAIM, by Shirl Hendryx, 4.04 [094] / Directed by Bernard Kowalski)




*Doug McClure and William Shatner
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  [Trampas has had to kill his friend Luke Milford in self defense when Luke was overcome with "gold fever" - ]

Saloon Girl:   "Hey, Trampas. Where you going?"

Trampas:  "I'm leaving." 

Saloon Girl:  "Why in a hurry?

Trampas:  "I'm in no hurry."

Saloon Girl:  "Why don't you come inside and talk over old times."

Trampas:  "Sorry.   I'm fresh out of 'old times'."


(THE CLAIM, by Shirl Hendryx, 4.04 [094] / Directed by Bernard Kowalski)




*Doug McClure and Joan Freeman
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Trampas:   "Why are you afraid?"

Judy King:  "I know Medicine Bow isn't the world.  There's St. Louis, Chicago, New York.  You just can't give me all the things I want."

Trampas:  "Judy, I can give you a home, family, respect."

Judy King:  "Those things are important, I want them, but there's time, there's got to be time.  Do you understand?"

Trampas:  "All I know is I've been to some of those places -- Chicago, St. Louis.  It's not any different there.  You know why?  Because no matter where you go, you take yourself with you."

(BLAZE OF GLORY, by John and Ward Hawkins, 4.15 [105] / Directed by Alexander Singer)




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Virginian:   "What was that all about?" 

Trampas:   "Nothin'.  Just being friendly."

Virginian:   "He didn't look it."

Trampas:  "Would you if you were in his shoes?"

Virginian:  "Can't say.  But I know if I was in yours I'd stop feeling guilty about something I wasn't responsible for."

Trampas:  "Doesn't matter if I'm responsible for it or not.  It doesn't change the fact that his--"

Virginian:  "Facts don't need changing -- just the way you're looking at 'em."

(PAID IN FULL, by Richard Wendle, 6.10 [159] / Directed by Don McDougall)




*Doug McClure and James A. Watson
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Cobey Jade:   "Have a seat, Mr. Trampas.  Never know what you may learn, or from who."

(BLACK JADE, By Herb Meadow, 8.14 [215] / Directed by Joseph Pevney)


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